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Action 9: Back to school savings

ORLANDO, Fla. — With just weeks to go before heading back to the classroom, back-to-school shopping means greater expenses for many Central-Florida families.

“They start putting out more and more school supplies, it kind of fuels the urge to go out there and buy it,” Jessica Brunson SAID.

Brunson sees it on both ends, she’s a teacher and a mother and said she tries to shop early when she sees deals, “I just follow the list that the school provides, the school supply lists, and I try to buy in bulk.”

Many we spoke to said things seem to be costing more this year.

Kloe Boykins, an 11-year-old student, agreed, “Things I hear from my parents, they’re like, ‘This is like 30 bucks for just a skirt,’ and I need like five of those.”

So, what else can you do to save money?

Do some research, look online before heading to the stores to compare prices to see who really has the best deals.

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Consumers should also prioritize things on the list to see what the students will need when they show up on the first day of school, and what can be purchased later.

Think about clothing. You can always spread clothes shopping over several months if needed to make it easier on your budget.

Look for coupons and consider buying some items used.

Refurbished electronics, like laptops, are typically less expensive than new.

While supplies may be costing more, if you spend a little time considering ways to save, school shopping might not hurt the pocketbook quite as much.

In Florida, the current tax-free back-to-school shopping period runs through August 6th. Take advantage of that if you can and see what you already have around the house. You may already have some supplies left over from last school year that will still work.

Jeff Deal

Jeff Deal,

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