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Action 9 investigates why some stimulus checks are going into wrong accounts

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The stimulus checks, desperately needed by many in central Florida, haven’t all been going into the correct accounts. Action 9’s consumer investigator, Todd Ulrich, looked into why this keeps happening and what that means for consumers.

There has been a lot of confusion then anger about missing stimulus check payments.

Lori Morrissey contacted Action 9 from her home in Deland.

“I said, ‘Wait a minute that's not my bank account,’” Morrissey said.

She had tracked her $1,200 check on the IRS website and discovered it was not being sent to her bank account.

Instead it went to Metabank, an account used by her tax preparer to subtract fees or advance loans from her 2019 refund. But then the bank and tax company said the check had to be returned to the IRS.

“Now I'm scheduled again for another check to be sent on the 24th which is Friday

but it's the same account,” Morrissey said.

Ulrich asked, “So it will bounce back again?”

“Correct,” Morrissey replied.

Action 9 has heard from at least five consumers missing payments, all linked to tax preparation services they just used or for taxes filed for them last year.

Near Ocala, Brandy Merchant saw the IRS transferred her $1,200 stimulus payment to an account she didn't recognize.

It's actually her tax preparation service account.

“There is no response. There isn't even an answer,” Merchant said.

“That's got to be frustrating,” Ulrich said.

“Yeah,” Merchant said.

Finally, she was told it had to be returned to the IRS.

“They won't cut us a check or put the money into our account like they did for income taxes,” Merchant said.

The IRS says it's aware of the problem but it has not said how it's handling checks sent to the wrong accounts.

Not what stressed out families need right now.

“So yes, we are struggling big time,” Morrissey said.

The consumers Ulrich talked to said they tried to change their bank account online, but the IRS website rejected it.

Still, consumers should make your complaints online and consider contacting your congressional representative.

Todd Ulrich

Todd Ulrich,

I am WFTV's Action 9 Reporter.