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COVID-19 leaves concert ticket holders looking for answers, refunds

The pandemic forced concerts to reschedule or cancel, and now some consumers claim Ticketmaster refuses to refund their money.

Three families who lost hundreds contacted Action 9.

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Consumer Investigator Todd Ulrich got answers and results from the company and looked into when customers can expect refunds.

“Where is your refund?” Ulrich asked.

“I have no idea. It’s in la la land somewhere,” Theresa Fenwick said.

Fenwick is one of three consumers who contacted Action 9 after their concerts were rescheduled, then claimed Ticketmaster denied their refunds.

Fenwick’s tickets to a Little River Band concert at Peabody Auditorium, cost nearly $200.

“It makes me feel a little jaded, a little taken advantage of,” Fenwick said.

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Fenwick said the concert was rescheduled for September, but Peabody told ticket holders if they can’t make it they’re owed a total refund.

“If that concert was held in September, would you be going anyway?” Ulrich asked.

“Absolutely not, because I’m not going to take the risk with my health,” Fenwick said.

Despite Peabody’s notification, Fenwick said Ticketmaster kept her money.

A woman in The Villages contacted Ulrich about rescheduled Cher concert tickets in Tampa and her $400 refund denial by Ticketmaster.

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A consumer in Apopka missing a $426 refund for a Jacksonville concert, also contacted Action 9.

There are hundreds of complaints online, despite Ticketmaster’s announcement two months ago that promised to make refunds more available.

The company said cancelled events would trigger refunds, and rescheduled concerts qualify for refunds, if that’s what the event organizer offered.

Consumer experts say challenge any refund denial in writing. And if it’s a cancelled event, consider a credit card dispute.

“At this point the company said they are issuing refunds if and when the concert is canceled. You can contact your credit card company and see if you’re eligible to file a dispute,” said Better Business Bureau President Holly Salmons.

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Action 9 reached out to Ticketmaster about all three complaints. Since Ulrich first contacted Ticketmaster, The Villages consumer got a full Cher ticket refund and Fenwick got her money back for her concert.

“Did they tell you why they changed their mind?” Ulrich asked.

“No,” Fenwick replied.

Consumers in the toughest spot are the ones who bought tickets to a concert that has been postponed. Ticketmaster said there are no refunds until it’s rescheduled or cancelled.

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