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‘It’s atrocious’: List of angry pool customers grows

MELBOURNE, Fla. — UPDATED: August 03, 2022

Action 9 investigates a pool builder in Melbourne after receiving 24 complaints from consumers who want their backyard projects completed.

David Somach and his family never expected a frog invasion in their backyard where they had planned a wedding reception. Frogs and algae took over the swimming pool that was supposed to be completed months ago by Legacy Pools.

“(Are we) Afraid it will never get finished by Legacy? Yes. Right now, it’s atrocious,” Somach said.

Somach showed Action 9 documents from the Melbourne company indicating he already paid more than $71,000 for the unfinished pool.

According to Somach, this contractor nightmare really hurt because the pool delays even stalled getting county approval to move into his newly built home. “My home builder called my wife and said, ‘Hey, we need to know what’s going on. I need to be able to grade around the house and put grass down. Otherwise, we’re not going to pass.’”

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Eventually, the new home passed certification, but Somach said that 16 months after signing the pool contract, the electrical and plumbing are still not done. So his pool is just a money pit, and he hasn’t been able to get any answers.

Action 9 first exposed Legacy’s pattern of customer complaints and F rating at the Better Business Bureau six weeks ago.

After seeing the story, 14 additional customers, including Somach, said they had pools that were not completed to their satisfaction.

Todd Ulrich contacted Florida’s attorney general’s office. The agency has 33 consumer complaints against Legacy that are now under “active review.”

Last month, Franklin Drakes told Action 9 he was concerned about the pool at his home.

“Feels like they are going to close and leave us pool-less and moneyless,” Drakes said.

He showed Action 9 a concrete shell in his backyard six weeks ago. Since contacting Ulrich, he’s now expecting to have the pool completed this week.

Managers at Legacy Pools told Action 9 that David Somach had been warned about starting a pool during new home construction and that the project is on schedule. The company said that they apologize for delays it can’t always control because of material and labor shortages, but they assured us all jobs will be completed.

Somach is still waiting. “No one’s called or answered any other phone calls.”

A pool contract involves multiple deposits and subcontractors. Don’t rush any payments until you’re satisfied at each step along the way.

Legacy Pools response:

I am told that the influx of new complaints is at the recommendation of the Face Book groups I mentioned who did not think your original broadcast damaged or put Legacy in a bad enough “light” or caused enough “harm” to accomplish their stated goal “to put Legacy out of business”.

As I’ve stated Legacy intends to complete pools and honor their contracts. Legacy has satisfied customers and apologizes to its unhappy customers but hopes they will allow Legacy to complete their pools.

Todd Ulrich

Todd Ulrich,

I am WFTV's Action 9 Reporter.