• Juror faints during graphic testimony from rape victim


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The wife of a convicted rapist will testify in an Orange County court on Wednesday.

    Tommy Lee Andrews married Judy Andrews last year after being in prison for 24 years.

    Andrews, who is set to be released from prison on Oct. 31, is trying to avoid going to a sex offender treatment center.

    Andrews faced his victims in court on Tuesday in what's referred to as a "Jimmie Ryce hearing."

    Andrews was convicted of raping two women in 1987 and was the first person ever convicted with DNA evidence.

    In court, Andrews' victims said he is still a threat to society after being locked up for 25 years, and they want to make sure he's not released into society.

    But Andrews wants to skip sex offender rehabilitation and go straight to having total freedom after serving less than half of his 62-year prison sentence.

    Andrews is representing himself, which means he faced his victims, asking them questions about what happened 25 years ago.

    One victim said she remembered the brutal 1986 rape in minute detail. Andrews cross-examined the witness, questioning everything the victim endured, even asking her how she picked him out of the original lineup.

    "What picture did you pick out?" Andrews asked the victim.

    "Why is that relevant? I picked out yours," she said.

    "What number?" asked Andrews.

    "I didn't look at numbers. I looked at the picture, your face, on that card," the victim replied.

    WFTV was in court as the victim cried on the stand and talked about how Andrews terrorized her, threatened to kill her and raped her repeatedly.

    She said Andrews had stalked her for a month before the rape.

    One of the jurors fainted during one the victim's graphic testimony about how Andrews raped her for a third time after stabbing her.

    As everyone left the courtroom, the victim stayed on the witness stand and wept.

    Andrews asked another victim, Karen Munroe, if she was ever able to identify him, and she replied that she was not. Munroe stated that she did not get a good enough look at him.

    Andrews asked Munroe about the seven fingerprints that were found on the screen of a home that did not match his like the other two did.

    Munroe told the jury when Andrews was raping her, her children never stirred, despite the racket of the fight she put up.

    "I didn't know if my kids were even alive," she said.

    Andrews refused to be examined by state doctors for Tuesday's hearing.

    The state said Andrews has mental problems that make him a danger to society.

    A state psychologist testified that Andrews is at high risk of reoffending, partly because he has never admitted to having mental problems and still professes his innocence.

    "I would strongly urge you to get into treatment," Dr. Peter Bursten said to Andrews.

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said the fact that Andrews has not received treatment will likely work against him.

    But to Theresa Hodges, Andrews is still the rapist who attacked her sister more than 20 years ago.

    "If he is released to the public, he is going to be a danger wherever he is living and beyond," Hodges said.

    Hodges' sister is also expected to testify for the state to try to convince a jury that Andrews should be sent to a sex offender rehabilitation center.

    Andrews said he's already served his time and is no longer a threat to society.

    WFTV found out that even though Andrews was convicted of two rapes, he was suspected in more.

    "He never really admitted, and you have to take ownership of whatever you do. Until you do that, you can't build yourself to the person you need to be," said Mel Hair, the mother of a victim.

    Andrews got married while he was in prison and may call his wife to the stand Wednesday.

    The hearing is expected to last several more days.

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