EDC gives $60K to Orlando over noise, traffic, trash complaints

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Electric Daisy Carnival organizers wrote a big check to soften the pain for many nearby residents who had to listen to loud music and deal with traffic and trash for the three days the festival spent in downtown Orlando.

EDC brought millions of dollars and lots of headaches to the area, so they extended a $60,000 olive branch to make up for the pain.

The festival brought more than 100,000 visitors to Orlando's Camping World Stadium, and with most massive events bad things can sometimes happen.


“It’s this ‘boom boom boom’ no matter what room you are in,” said downtown resident Daphne Brewington.

For the first time, EDC donated $60,000 to seven of the neighborhoods impacted by this year’s festival. Each association, all within less than a mile of the festival's venue, received more than $8,000.

Associations are to use the donations for building improvements, landscaping projects and other community needs.

But some areas, like the Carter Street neighborhood that is less than a mile away from the stadium, didn't receive a dime.

“I just think it wasn't fairly distributed to the other neighborhoods that the concert had an impact on,” said Vencina Cannady, with the Carter Street Neighborhood Association.

Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill said other areas have seen benefits from other events held at the Amway Center and the soccer stadium, and she plans to continue to share the wealth.

"The neighborhoods that were severely impacted, many of them could not travel outside their neighborhoods, they felt barricaded,” Hill said. “And this is a way to not fix it, but to make sure that those severely impacted could see a benefit of a festival which draws almost 100,000 folks to it.”

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