Caught on camera: FedEx delivery driver has meltdown over heavy package

MAYVILLE, Wis. — A FedEx delivery driver in Wisconsin had a meltdown over a heavy package and the incident was caught on the homeowner’s security camera.

Andrea Wendorf told WISN that on Monday, a FedEx driver came to her residence to pick up a couch she was returning to Wayfair because it was damaged. Her doorbell camera captured the driver wrestle with the 144-pound package as he dragged it from Wendorf’s porch to the truck, allowing the package to fall to the ground as he attempted to maneuver it into the truck.

The FedEx driver swears profusely throughout the ordeal, both at the homeowner for always ordering heavy merchandise and at a fellow employee, according to the security camera footage. After finally getting the item in the truck, the driver pulls away, but not before yelling profanity in the direction of Wendorf’s house.

According to FedEx’s general packaging guidelines, the weight limit is 150 pounds.

Wendorf told WISN the couch had to be returned twice because it was damaged both times. She now wonders if the damage was inflicted by a FedEx driver. Wendorf said she sent FedEx the security camera footage but the company never responded. When WISN contacted FedEx for comment, a spokesperson said the driver’s actions were “unacceptable and inconsistent” with the professional standards set by the company and that steps will be taken to address the situation.

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