Orange County Public Schools to see more shifting of teachers due to COVID-19

ORLANDO, Fla. — Teachers may get moved around more than usual this school year as Orange County tries to place educators where the students are.

It’s called leveling. The Orange County Public Schools superintendent said it happens every year, but this year could be more complicated.

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First distance learning, then mandatory masks. Now more shifting of teachers is just another challenge due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This school year, just more than 30 percent of students ended up in a classroom.

On social media, OCPS shared images of kids learning face-to-face, wearing masks and even learning virtually with teachers in classes broadcasting to students with the online learning program Launch Ed@Home.

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But some classes are fuller than others.

“There will be a need to reduce staff at some schools,” said OCPS Superintendent Barbara Jenkins. “And some schools, if they have more students than projected, then they would be increasing their revenue.”

It happens every year, but Jenkins said “leveling,” or moving staff where they are needed, will be more complicated with the restrictions in place thanks to COVID-19.

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“This year will be more complex, but we’ll see some adjusting,” Jenkins said. “In the coming days, we’ll see some adjusting. Because if I have vacancies at my school and you have more teachers than you actually need, I’m going to need some of those teachers to help out with my students.”

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