Volusia County School District says parents won’t be informed if someone contracts COVID-19 at school

DELTONA, Fla. — As Volusia County residents prepare for the first day of school Monday, some are concerned over the lack of information the district is offering on COVID-19 cases.

The school district will not be sharing any details with parents if there is a breakout of coronavirus cases.

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If any student or staff member at schools in Volusia County contracts the virus, the health department will conduct contact tracing and inform anyone who needs to quarantine.

But parents won’t be informed, even if the number of cases climb.

“Parents have the right to know what kind of environment they’re sending their students into,” said Volusia United Educators President Elizabeth Albert. “Employees have the right to know what kind of working conditions they’re going into.”

Albert said that will not be happening when school resumes Monday.

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The head of the teachers union said the district doesn’t plan to provide information about active COVID-19 cases, something that Orange County, Osceola County, and other counties are publishing.

Volusia County Schools has shared all the safety measures it has taken to hopefully prevent the spread of the virus, including plastic barriers and social distancing markers.