Family Says Teen Accused Of Posing As Hospital Worker Needs Help

KISSIMMEE, Fla.,None — The family of an Osceola County teenager who was arrested and accused of impersonating a physician's assistant told WFTV that he was released on Monday.

Kissimmee police arrested 17-year-old Matthew Scheidt on Friday after they said he lied about his real job as a billing clerk and managed to get an ID saying he was a physician’s assistant at Osceola Regional Medical Center where, authorities said, he conducted exams on patients, changed bandages, handled Iv's and even performed CPR on a patient in cardiac arrest.

WFTV spoke with Matthew Scheidt's family who said he was released from the juvenile detention center in Orlando over the weekend.

Tom Scheidt, Matthew's grandfather, said his grandson is a smart kid but recently dropped out of high school, and he said the remembers the teen talking about wanting to someday be a nurse.

"If he had gone about it the right way, I think without question he would have made a damn good nurse,” said Tom Scheidt. “He's got the smarts and the ability to do whatever his dream is.”

Tom Scheidt said he's gotten phone calls from reporters as far away as California, but his main concern is his grandson's future. He's hoping it will not include jail time. He says his his grandson simply needs help.

“I don’t know how he pulled it off, or where his brain is or where his mind was,” said Tom Scheidt. “He's nonviolent. He's a good-looking kid, ability is exemplary, but he needs some psychiatric help."

WFTV found out Matthew Scheidt was also a former sheriff's explorer but was dismissed after he wore what appeared to be a sheriff's office vest in public.

The legal troubles have only just begun for Matthew Scheidt. His family said he will have a hearing Tuesday morning for the felonies he's facing.

WFTV spoke with Scheidt's mother, who said there are several sides to every story, but their attorney has advised them not to talk about Matthew’s side of it publicly.

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