PHOTOS: Comet Neowise seen by Central Florida residents

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ORLANDO, Fla. — It’s officially named C/2020 F3 and it was observed by NASA’s NEOWISE satellite in March, now many have catch a glimpse of the light streaking in the sky.

But many residents across Central Florida have not needed a fancy telescope to watch the comet stream through the evening skies, although binoculars could help you witness it best.

The Neowise comet has been capture on camera by many and you still have a chance through the end of July. It is best during early dawn and at dusk if you look near the horizon. Toward the end of July the comet will be best visible at dusk just below the Big Dipper constellation, look toward the northwest.

Location of Comet NEOWISE from July 20 to 26. Face northwest, just after sunset. Avoid trees or buildings to have a clear view of the northwest horizon. Sweep with your binoculars around the location for the comet marked on this chart. Some might barely see the comet with the unaided eye.

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