• Hidden Mickey hunt gets prehistoric at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    By: Steve Barrett/HiddenMickeyGuy.com


    Some of the most compelling Hidden Mickeys in WDW are in Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.  Allow me to show you a few of these Hidden Gems in DinoLand U.S.A.

    After you pass through the Oasis, take a right at the Tree of Life and meet me in this retro land where archeologists would feel quite at home.

    In DinoLand, you'll see dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.

    After you've admired these creatures of the past, study the intricate detail of DinoLand for the elusive Hidden Mickey!  Here's a classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey on a pink and green dino.  He's at one end of the short Cretaceous Trail in the middle of DinoLand.

    » IMAGE GALLERY: Hidden Mickeys lurking in DinoLand

    Just inside the building along the entrance to the DINOSAUR attraction, on the right side of the queue, look at the tree at the far left of the painting. There’s a classic Mickey on the tree trunk.  It’s across from a lower right branch.

    In the parking spaces across from TriceraTop Spin, a classic Mickey can be found in the cement at the front of the second parking space from the horned dinosaur.

    In the outside decorations of the Primeval Whirl attraction, the sides of several meteors sport classic Mickey craters. One sideways Hidden Mickey is on a meteor at the right side of the attraction near a dinosaur holding a sign.

    Inside The Boneyard play area and upstairs to the rear left, in a fenced off archeology display, three coins on a table form an upside-down classic Mickey.

    In a small display on the right side of the children’s dig area inside The Boneyard, a fan and two hard hats form a classic Mickey.

    Visit DinoLand and enjoy the search for Hidden Mickeys!

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