• Local FSU player runs down burglar


    The Florida State Seminoles have won the offseason. While current and former Florida Gator football players are showing up in the news for all the wrong reasons, FSU cornerback Nick Waisome singlehandedly took down two burglars.

    Does Jimbo Fisher hand out tomahawk stickers for law enforcement?

    In June, the Groveland native walked in on two men at his Tallahassee apartment. When they tried to get away, Waisome used his 4.5 speed and tracked one down like they were a division two running back. Tavares Rumph was immediately arrested, but the other burglar got away… or so he thought.

    Three weeks later, Waisome was at a gas station and saw a man wearing his shorts. He called the police and Mario Crawford was brought into custody. Police went to Crawford’s house and found thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods.

    We’re still four months away from the annual showdown between Florida and Florida State, but the offseason scoreboard reads like this: FSU – Hero / Florida – Murder, Racial slur, Battery.