'Can I call my mom?' Man accused of stealing Disney costumes scuffles with officers

Video was released Wednesday of a confrontation that investigators had with a man who is accused of stealing $14,000 worth of Disney costumes.
The video shows Patrick Spikes, 24, inside an interview room refusing to answer law enforcement officers’ questions as they showed him photos of the stolen Disney items.
Investigators said Spikes and his cousin, Blaytin Taunton, stole costumes and wigs earlier this year from the Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Law enforcement documents show Taunton was a Disney employee and used his ID to get employee-only area access at theme parks.

Deputies said he would then take backstage photos and upload them to his Twitter account called “BackDoorDisney.”.
Spikes is also accused of stealing a bomber jacket, large headphones and a hat off an animatronic called Buzzy, a character from the now-closed “Wonders of Life” attraction at Epcot.

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The interview took a turn when investigators questioned Spikes about his car and whether pictures of the stolen items were on his phone.
How about this: I’m about to walk out, and if you guys want to talk, I’ll come back with my attorney. How about that? Spikes said to the officers.  
“OK. Keep the car there, and we are keeping your phone,” the officer said.
In the video, Spikes then grabs his phone and says, “No,” then gets into a scuffle with the officers as they try to get the phone.
As the officers get Spikes onto the ground, Spikes is heard saying, Dammit. Am I under arrest?
The officers managed to retrieve Spikes phone and as they lift him onto his feet, Spikes said “OK. I’m going to cooperate.”
You’re going to be secured right now. You’re not going to destroy evidence in front of me. Do you understand? The officer said.
“Yup,” Spikes replied.
Officers detained Spikes and handcuffed him.
“Can I call my mom and tell her that…” Spikes said as he was interrupted by the officer.
You’re an adult, correct? You’re not calling your mom. Stay there, the officer replied.
The video shows Spikes seemingly hyperventilating and saying he can’t breathe as the officer tells him to sit down and slow his breathing. *Watch raw video below*
The officer talks Spikes through the process of slowing his breathing and helping him to calm down. Officers called the fire department. Spikes claimed to have asthma but said he didn’t have his inhaler.
Officers got him water.    
Control your breathing. You’ll be fine. You’re panicking a little, the officer said.
“Help. Help. I’m dying,” Spikes said.
“You’re not dying,” the officer said.
The fire department responded and treated Spikes.
Spikes and Taunton are charged with burglary, grand theft and dealing in stolen property.
Taunton faced a judge Thursday. He and Spikes are scheduled to go to trial in January.
Authorities said the pair had been selling the items online for more than two years.

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