'Go on about your business': Markeith Loyd addresses judge before court recesses

Video: 'Go on about your business': Markeith Loyd addresses judge before court recesses

ORLANDO, Fla. — The state rested its case Monday after calling a handful of witnesses in the penalty phase of the Markeith Loyd trial.

Loyd was found guilty by a jury last week on all counts against him, including first-degree murder for the deaths of his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon, and her unborn child.

Testimony came Monday from a former Orlando Police Department officer who testified Loyd punched him in the face after he pulled him over for driving without a license plate.

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A probation officer also informed the jury that Loyd was on probation at the time of Dixon's death.

Loyd's siblings also took the stand to explain how Loyd had no role models growing up.

"She was hanging out, so we were pretty much on our own," said Tanya Loyd, claiming their mother wasn't around often. "There were plenty of nights when we went to bed hungry."

Another sister testified that Loyd became the provider on some of those nights the children were hungry and that he'd sometimes have to steal food and sold drugs to help pay the household bills.

Loyd's mother, Patricia Loyd, told the court about the day Markeith's cousin Wesley was killed and that Loyd cried when went to the scene and saw his body. She also said Loyd's trust for the police diminished after she said they didn't take an incident where he was severely beaten seriously. You can watch her full testimony below.

Raw video: Markeith Loyd's mother testifies in sentencing phase of murder trial

Loyd's attorneys later called Dr. Marvin Dunn to the stand, who called Loyd delusional and psychotic.

"If a person is suffering from those disabilities, their thought processes are very delusional," Dunn said. "They go in and out of reality and reasoning."

Before court wrapped for the day, Markeith Loyd addressed Judge Leticia Marques, objecting to an email that was sent to her about his alleged brain damage. He believed the information should have been shared with a jury and not her, at one point telling her to "go on about your business," before giving a head nod to cameras. His objection can be watched below.

RAW VIDEO: Markeith Loyd addresses judge

Testimony is slated to continue Tuesday at 9 a.m. Defense attorneys plan to put three other doctors on the stand during the penalty phase before going to the jury.

According to WFTV legal analyst Bil Sheaffer, the death penalty for Loyd is a real possibility.

"The time it took the jury to deliver this verdict and the force of this verdict, guilty on every single count,  tells me it's going to be a job for this defense to convince the jury not to recommend death," he said.