12 sinkholes form in Ocala neighborhood

Video: 12 sinkholes form in Ocala neighborhood

OCALA, Fla. — Two more sinkholes have formed in an Ocala neighborhood.

At least a dozen sinkholes have been reported since last week in the Wynchase at Fore Ranch subdivision.

The holes have been forming around a retention pond.

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"They just keep coming," resident Maren Pinder told Channel 9's Megan Cruz. "Are we safe? We don't know. It's really scary."

People have been evacuated from eight homes. American Red Cross volunteers have been helping those residents.

City leaders are still trying to figure out how to fill in the sinkholes and stop them from developing again.

Geotechnical engineers worked all day Monday to secure and test the holes.

The homeowners association in 2012 paid thousands of dollars to fill sinkholes. Officials say it could cost more this time. They said the holes can't be filled until they know the ground has settled.

"We just have a bag ready in case they say, ' Yeah, you need to evacuate.' We can just grab it and get out," Pinder said.

Watch below: New video of sinkholes in Ocala: