• Police: Orlando men found with 13 guns, 1 grenade launcher in car


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Two men believed to be transporting an arsenal of weapons bonded out of jail, police said.

    The arsenal of weapons was taken off the streets, including a grenade launcher belonging to the U.S. Coast Guard, Orlando police said.

    Investigators said Delroy Blake was with Fritz Joseph in the car when they ran a red light at the intersection of North Lane and Pine Hills Road.

    Police said they found 13 guns and rifles and one grenade launcher in Blake’s Audi.

    Three of the weapons were stolen, police said.

    Gun expert and former Orange County Deputy John Meagher with Td’z Discount Guns said he was impressed with the score.

    “That’s quite an arsenal,” he said. “It would seem to me if they were transporting this amount of firepower here, they were probably going to sell it or trade it.”

    Meagher said the grenade launcher is not illegal to own.

    “You just can’t own the explosive projectile. You can actually shoot a gas grenade out of it or just a solid projectile,” Meagher said.

    The men weren’t found with any explosives for the grenade launcher.

    WFTV found out Joseph is a convicted felon and has been arrested for theft, drugs, trafficking and attempted murder in the past. Half the charges were dropped, and he was acquitted on the attempted murder charge.

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    Police: Orlando men found with 13 guns, 1 grenade launcher in car