• 2 radio personalities suspended due to April Fools' Day prank


    FLORIDA - Two Florida radio personalities were suspended indefinitely over an April Fools’ Day prank.

    The "Val and Scott in the Morning" hosts were joking that dihydrogen monoxide was coming out of faucets.

    The hoax sent listeners into a panic and led to several calls to Lee County utilities.

    Dihydrogen monoxide is another name for water.

    But a lot of listeners didn't know that and were worried that their water wasn't safe to drink.

    The radio station, 101.9 Gator Country, spent the rest of the day spreading the word and apologizing for the prank.

    “This messes with the big three food, water and shelter. You can't mess with those, and we did," station officials said.

    Lee County utilities sent out a release, letting the public know there weren't any issues and the water was safe.

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