• 9 Investigates: Little Miracles Daycare appeals to keep license

    By: Karla Ray


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Even though a little boy died on Little Miracles Daycare’s watch, an attorney for the facility is now arguing that the operation there was "otherwise impeccable."

    The owner of Little Miracles is offering a compromise of sorts to avoid revocation of the facility’s license.  

    Investigative Reporter Karla Ray got hold of the day care’s appeal for a formal hearing with the Department of Children and Families.

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    “I’m not going to give it up like that.  It was a mistake,” Little Miracles owner Audrey Thornton said days after Myles Hill’s death.  

    The toddler was forgotten inside a hot van for nearly 12 scorching hours in August.

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    Thornton’s attorney, Robert Nesmith, wrote in a request for an administrative hearing that despite Hill’s death, "There is no indication that the overall operation of the centers was not otherwise impeccable."

    9 Investigates found that less than a month before Hill’s death, Little Miracles was caught failing to keep track of child transports.  

    The transport rules put in place by DCF are meant to prevent kids from being forgotten inside hot vehicles.

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    9 Investigates also uncovered other violations from just this year, including a group of babies left alone by a worker, failure to keep an attendance record for an emergency drill, and a child’s EpiPen left out and in reach of kids.

    DCF has called to revoke Little Miracles’ license, but Thornton’s attorney wrote that "termination of the transportation element of the operation would fairly cure the concerns of the Department and remedy the issues that caused this most horrific accidental tragedy."

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    9 Investigates calls to the attorney today were not returned.

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