A 9-foot gator was removed from the front doorstep of a Cocoa apartment

COCOA, Fla. — Trappers removed a 9-foot-long alligator from the front doorstep of a Cocoa apartment complex Monday afternoon.

Cocoa police responded to the apartments around 3:30 p.m. at 1612 University Lane after residents called concerned about the large gator roaming about the complex.

Police found the gator on the front door step of unit 903.

A gator trapper arrived around 20 minutes after police arrived and removed the gator.

According to state wildlife officers, it’s common for gators to roam around during warm weather looking for water.

If a gator is seen outside its normal habitat, experts advise not to feed it or attempt to go near it.

Instead, officials said to call local law enforcement or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service to have the gator removed.