Accused Ocala school shooter snuck gun in guitar case, was looking for attention, arrest report says

OCALA, Fla. — The teen accused of shooting a student at Forest High School near Ocala snuck the gun onto campus in a guitar case before arming himself and putting on a tactical vest in the bathroom, according to an arrest report.

Sky Bouche, 19, told detectives he went to the school with a 17.5-inch shotgun because a school shooting “is an event that creates more attention” and “expressed feelings that he was being ignored and indicated he wanted to go to jail,” the report says.

Bouche had also researched church shootings, but believed a school shooting would get more attention, according to deputies.

A judge denied Bouche bond at a first appearance hearing Saturday. He is charged with aggravated battery.

Panic and fear gripped Forest High School near Ocala when Bouche opened fire Friday morning, wounding one student before he was taken into custody.

WATCH: Sky Bouch escorted out of the Sheriff's Office

Senior Abigail Thompson was in a nearby classroom and heard the commotion.

"And then it was like 'ahhhh!'" she said.

Her younger brother Ethan was also nearby. He said his teacher walked into the hallway to find Bouche, a former student, with his hands in the air, and the shotgun on the floor.

She coaxed Bouche into her classroom, where he took a seat.

"He unloaded all his ammo from like his bulletproof vest he was wearing," said Ethan. "He was talking about how he was abused as a child and how he just wanted to get away from his abusive parents so he just wanted to get inside police custody so he didn't have to be by them anymore."

Deputies said Bouche was taken into custody by school resource officer Jim Long within three minutes of the gunfire.

"He did not hesitate. He went right in,” said Sheriff Billy Woods of Long.

Bouche told Channel 9's Samantha Manning he didn't see anyone and shot through a door at the school.

"Anything you want to say to him (the victim) or his family?" Manning asked Bouche.

"Sorry," Bouche said. "Doesn't make it better anyway."

He would not answer any questions about why he allegedly shot the student.

Bouche brought a shotgun onto campus and shot a 17-year-old student in the ankle, deputies said.

Other students were around when the gunfire broke out, but deputies did not say where in the building the shooting happened.

According to detectives, Bouche said he’d been planning to do something on Friday the 13th, but decided against it.

Bouche had been having nightmares, which partially motivated him, according to the arrest report.

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