Action 9 investigates big bank saying 'no' to some cash deposits

ORLANDO,Fla. — An Apopka woman called Action 9 after a major bank said it would not let her make a cash deposit into her daughter's account. Todd Ulrich found the new policy could impact hundreds of local families and that other big banks could also follow Chase Bank's lead.

Tamra Hall runs her own business and takes cash from customers all the time. So she never expected Chase Bank or any bank to refuse to take her cash.

“At this point my head is spinning because I don't think that's right,” said Hall.

She said the Chase teller would not accept a cash deposit into her daughter's bank account.

Chase started a new deposit policy this month. It will refuse cash deposits if your name is not on the account. If it's your account, all cash deposits require a picture ID.

According to Chase, the new rule cracks down on potential money laundering where crooks deposit cash into someone else's account to hide where it came from.

The federal anti-laundering limit on bank cash deposits is $10,000, so customers like Hall can't understand a problem with a couple hundred.

“It makes me angry, it makes me think I'm not in America,” said Hall.

You can find complaints online from parents who deposit cash for kids at college to family members who travel. Hall was told she could only deposit with a personal check or money order.

“I didn't understand. I didn't know banks could do that,” said Hall.

Some consumer groups call the policy an excuse to force more consumers to bank online since it doesn't really curb money laundering.

“No one is depositing $50 or $100 as a means to launder money, that's just ridiculous to assume,” said Joe Ridout with Consumer-Action.org.

Chase told Action 9 it disclosed the new policy months ago and customers can use its mobile app to transfer between accounts.

“It's our currency. It makes the world go around,” said Hall.

Chase Bank also said a customer can add a name to their account so someone else could do a cash deposit.

Several consumer groups expect to see more big banks ban cash deposits if the policy works at Chase.

Chase response to Todd Ulrich's request for information on cash deposit policy:

We are actively talking to our customers about a recent change in our cash deposit policy to safeguard customers and our business. To make a cash deposit into a consumer account, customers must provide ID and be an account owner or an authorized signer on the account.    

Customers with Chase personal accounts have several alternatives to cash deposits:

  • Personal checks, cashiers checks, and money orders
  • Chase QuickPay
  • Adding an authorized user to the account