Ad spending setting records as campaigns seek out few remaining undecided voters

A new report from the Wesleyan Media Project, in partnership with the Center for Responsive Politics shows Joe Biden airing more ads than Donald Trump by a two-to-one margin, however, the trump campaign is investing more in digital advertising, including Facebook, though the gap is narrowing.

“This cycle has been much different than in 2016 when Donald Trump really lacked a lot of the money to be on air,” says Erika Fowler of the Wesleyan Media Project. “But his advantage really disappeared especially in the last month in Florida where we’re seeing many more pro-Biden ads up on air.”

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The report finds, “since August 10, Joe Biden and his group supporters have aired 106,000 television ads at a cost of $58.9 million compared to 57,000 ads at a cost of $35.8 million for Trump and his group supporters.”

But digital, especially on Facebook is another issue.  Here, the Trump campaign is leading with more than $7 million spent on Facebook in Florida.

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“The bulk of the money will still go towards television but it’s just more spending on more advertising,” says Fowler.  “You seek and it’s looking for any and every place that they can touch citizens.”

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