AdventHealth hosts “sensory-friendly” COVID-19 vaccine event in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. — For many children and adults, going to a normal COVID-19 vaccination clinic could be overwhelming, if not impossible.

To help, AdventHealth hosted a vaccination event Thursday catering to specific individual needs.

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18-year-old Natalie Snider developed meningitis shortly after she was born. She also has cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Natalie’s mother Carla says getting her a much-needed COVID-19 vaccine would have been extremely difficult at a public vaccination site.

“She’s about developmentally three months,’ Snider says.

To vaccinate Natalie and others like her, AdventhHealth created a special environment for patients with sensory issues, who may struggle with loud, crowded places full of people.

“They had our paperwork ready and ushered her into the sensory tube with lights and floating bubbles,” Snider recalls.

Dr. Emily Forrest with AdventHealth says their goal was to create a friendly environment for anyone who may become overwhelmed in scary situations.

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“Generally we’re thinking about kids with autism, with anxiety, with ADHD, with Down Syndrome,” Dr. Forrest says.

AdventHealth hasn’t yet announced plans to hold another sensory-friendly vaccination event.