• Affordable 3-D-printed prosthetic arms go to kids across the country


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Twelve children across the country are getting a gift that you can’t buy in the store – and it’s something way too precious to put under the tree.

    Thanks to Limbitless Solutions, which is housed at the University of Central Florida, children like 8-year-old Alejandro Hernandez are getting new 3-D-printed arms.

    And thanks to the low cost of making the prosthetic, for $360 he is getting to pick up something with his right arm for the first time.

    Alejandro was born with only one arm, and his mother, Maria, knows it has been difficult for him.

    “I just see him like the other kids, but it’s difficult to explain that to a kid with a problem like that,” she said.

    This year, Alejandro will be able to play with a remote control car with his brothers for the first time.

    Wyatt Marquez in Texas, who is also getting one of the 3-D-printed arms, knows exactly what he will do when it arrives.

    “(I’m going to) high-five my friends,” he said.

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