• Agents arrest man they said had several pounds of cocaine on Port Canaveral ship


    PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. - Federal agents said a man was attempting to traffic drugs at Port Canaveral's busy cruise terminal
    Investigators said that in the man's room they found a girdle packed with cocaine. They said it is a common way drug smugglers try to make it past law enforcement.
    Homeland Security Investigations agents arrested Ishermon Tafari, 31, on board the Carnival Liberty cruise ship at Port Canaveral.
    "I think he was pretty stupid. I don't even understand how he'd think he could get away with that," said resident Dayna Cooper.
    Investigators said Tafari had been on an eight-day cruise to the southern Caribbean by himself. According to investigators, that is a red flag for agents.
    When the ship docked investigators went to Tafari's room.
    According to investigators, when Tafari's luggage was searched they found powdered laundry detergent spread over the bottom of the suitcase. Agents said they believe it might have been used to mask the smell of the cocaine.
    They said they found more than 5 kilograms -- around 11 pounds – of cocaine.
    Investigators haven't said where they think Tafari picked the cocaine up, but the ship made stops in Turks and Caicos, Aruba and Curacao before returning to Port Canaveral.
    Federal agents said they do see people trying to smuggle drugs, under the guise of a vacation.
    Tafari is jailed on no bond.
    Investigators said they are looking to see if Tafari is part of a bigger operation. They said he sent a text to a friend while on the trip saying, "I'm on a mission [same one, different island]."

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