Altamonte Springs studying traces of coronavirus in wastewater to try to track the virus

VIDEO: Altamonte Springs finds traces of coronavirus in wastewater

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. — The city of Altamonte Springs has found that there are traces of coronavirus in the wastewater.

The city is sending samples of its wastewater to find out if there is a concentration of the coronavirus in the waste stream that is a detectable level.

Altamonte Springs is one of 44 plants across the U.S. taking part in the studies. Arizona and Tulane universities will conduct the tests.

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City Manager Frank Martz said in the last couple of weeks, there were no large concentrations of the coronavirus, but the last sample taken on June 24 shows a double positive, indicating there are two separate RNA samples.

“That coincides with the re-rise in hospitalizations in Seminole County and Florida, and also coincides with the number of tests coming back COVID-positive,” Martz said.

Altamonte Springs will continue to participate in the study until it’s completed, and eventually incorporate it as a teaching tool for students who tour their science incubator.