Armed man shot, killed during confrontation with officers, Orlando police say

A 34-year-old man armed with a gun was shot and killed late Tuesday night during a confrontation with officers outside an Orlando apartment complex, police said.
Someone called 911 after they heard a woman screaming during an argument with a man, police said.
Officers said they heard a gunshot as they arrived at the scene on the 5000 block of City Street in Charles Towne at Park Central.
Police confronted Dravious Burch, who brandished a firearm, and that’s when four officers opened fire, investigators said. Police later said Burch had two guns in his possession. He died at the scene.

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Chief John Mina said the woman who needed help was Burch’s wife. 
He said Burch was aggressive and came at the officers. 
“I don’t know if he had a death wish or what, but obviously had multiple opportunities to end this peacefully and based on his actions, chose not to do so,” Mina said. 

Neighbors said Burch was a barber and had a wife and four children. Burch's children were seen crying in the parking lot. 
"Oh my God, this place is so safe. I mean, it has got everything in it. I never thought that anything like that would happen in here. I mean, I feel safe, secure. They got security 24 hours," resident Beverly Emara said.
"The officers who discharged their firearms are placed on temporary, paid administrative leave, as is the case in any officer involved shooting. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigates all of OPD's officer involved shootings. That investigation is under way and once it is complete, FDLE turns its findings over to the State Attorney's Office and a determination is made there about whether any laws were violated," a news release from the Orlando Police Department said.
Investigators said they expect to disclose the identity of the officers Thursday.
Burch's wife was not injured, police said.  
An Orange County deputy suffered minor injuries Wednesday in a crash that happened while he was responding to the officer-involved shooting in Orlando, the Florida Highway Patrol said. 
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