• Attorneys for suspect in killing of 2 cops will need more money for defense

    By: Jeff Deal , Monique Valdes


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Lawyers for the man accused of fatally shooting two Kissimmee police officers will need more tax dollars to defend him. 

    Everett Miller’s attorneys need the money to hire a private investigator to find mitigating evidence to keep Miller off death row. 

    In the case against accused Miller, it seems there is no shortage of evidence.    

    There was cellphone video of him challenging Kissimmee police Officer Matthew Baxter in the minutes before investigators said he shot Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard to death.

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    Baxter's DNA was on Miller's nail clippings, his revolver, tank top and necklace. Howard's DNA was on Miller's shoes and his car.

    Newly released cellphone records show Miller's phone was in the area around the time of the shootings.

    His defense team has already hired a private investigator for a hundred hours of work, and new court records show Miller's attorney is asking the court for more money to pay the private investigator for and additional 300 hours of work. 

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said in a death penalty case, an investigator will spend much of their time looking for evidence and information about the defendant that could be used if he's convicted.

    It would be presented in the penalty phase of the trial to try to keep him from getting the death penalty.

    “The majority of this investigation is going to be focused on keeping their client off death row,” said Sheaffer. 

    Miller’s trial is expected to begin in March.

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