• Bear darts through Holly Hill neighborhood, climbs tree


    HOLLY HILL, Fla. - A small black bear on the run in Holly Hill turned heads Friday in Volusia County.

    After moving through several back yards and causing a stir, the bear climbed an oak tree yards from a day care.

    "That's the first thing I was watching," said witness Miri Bholai. "I hope they protect that day care over there."

    The children were playing outside at the time, but workers took them inside after residents told them about the bear.

    "He came running down Espanola this morning and the lady honked her horn, and he jumped the fence," said witness David Bholai.

    Police called Florida Fish and Wildlife, but officers didn't respond because they didn't consider the bear a threat.

    "He was pretty much just chilling out in the tree when I actually saw. He was just hanging out in the tree, sitting there," said Miri Bholai.

    After resting for several minutes in the tree, the bear came down and made his way back on to neighborhood streets and through backyards.

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    Bear darts through Holly Hill neighborhood, climbs tree