• Bed bugs found in two Orange County libraries


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 found out some Orange County libraries are dealing with a bed bug problem.

    A spokesperson for the Orlando Public Library downtown said last September, a single dead bug was found in an area restricted to the public.

    Authorities said in August, they found an unspecified number of bed bugs in chairs at the South Trail Branch Library on Orange Blossom trail and Holden Avenue.

    “I never, ever expected the library to have bed bugs. I thought bed bugs were for motels and hotels,” said library visitor John Komaromi. “I’m very surprised about it.”

    Some worry the bed bug problems are from people who use libraries as shelters.

    “I’ve seen a lot of homeless people hanging out inside of the library,” said library visitor Desiree Robinson.

    Officials with the Orange County Library System said in the past six months, they’ve kicked out more than 100 people who violated library rules from branches across the county.

    The Orange County Library System spent nearly $600 to clean up bed bugs.

    "I feel like they're doing something about it instead of just ignoring the problem,” Robinson said.

    A spokesperson insisted that the libraries don’t have a bed bug problem.

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