• Bees construct massive hive near school bus stop in Cocoa


    COCOA, Fla. - Thousands of bees have made their home near a Brevard County school bus stop, swarming near children as they stay close to the hive, which sits on the side of a power pole.

    With the hive sitting on the pole close to the electrical lines, bee experts said it could make for a dangerous removal situation.

    The swarm is at the intersection of Clearlake Road and Broadcast Court in Cocoa.

    "Just look at it dude, you know what I mean. We ain't never seen it like that, ever," said Cocoa resident Charles Footman. "Literally, like, it's probably the whole pole is a beehive."

    Parents Channel 9 talked to said if the hive was in some remote location it probably wouldn't be that big of a deal, but they said it's only a few feet from the bus stop where their kids are picked up and taken to school.

    "All it takes is one bad kid to throw something up there and everyone sitting at that bus stop are going to get swarmed," said concerned resident Joshua Frison.

    Neighbors said the bees have been there a few weeks, but it looks like the hive is growing.

    Channel 9 was there Tuesday as people walked by the hive unaware that it was there, including Traci Jones and her baby.

    "That's bad," said Jones. "I've never seen nothing like that around here."

    FP&L owns the pole and officials said they were unaware of the problem. But after sending someone out to take a look at the bees, the company told Channel 9 it contacted an exterminator to figure out the best way to get rid of them.

    Channel 9 checked with a bee expert who said the hive is full of honeybees. Because of the electrical wires running near it, it may be difficult to remove the bees and relocate them, so exterminators may be forced to destroy them, experts said.

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