Brevard County judge candidate defends DUI stop

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Kelly Ingram is running for Brevard County judge in next month’s election. But video of her in a violent confrontation with deputies two years ago during a DUI stop is circulating on social media.

Ingram is a former assistant state attorney in Brevard County.

Ingram can be heard saying in the video she was a prosecutor and doesn't have to follow instructions. Ingram was not driving during the stop and she told Channel 9's Jeff Deal that she jumped out of the jeep to try and help her friend after a night of darts and drinking at Thirsty Bones bar.

“Go ahead and stand right there for me, OK?” The deputy said on the dash cam video.

“I don’t have to do (expletive) for you. (Expletive) I’m a lawyer, I was a prosecutor,” Ingram said to the deputy in the dash cam video. "I actually asked him (her friend) if he could pull back here so we could suck a little face.”

Ingram told Eyewitness News Monday that she’s remorseful.

“Unfortunately I was drinking alcohol that evening, and I was not on my best behavior.”

Ingram also admitted to Eyewitness News that the “sucking face” comment wasn’t true.


"That was a lie though,” Channel 9’s Jeff Deal asked.

“Yes, that was not truthful,” Ingram said.

Ingram said it was meant to let deputies know they weren't doing anything illegal in the church parking lot.

Ingram’s political opponent, Rod Kernan, believes it's a more serious issue.

"(She's) using a position of power, being that she says, ‘I'm a lawyer, and a former prosecutor to influence an investigation,’” Kernan said.

Kernan said since Ingram was taken down by a deputy and arrested, he questions if she could even hear cases involving deputies or prosecutors.

"I feel that episode does not unqualify me from being a good judge, in fact, I've now experienced every role in the courtroom,” Ingram said.

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