• Build 8 homes in 5 days: Habitat for Humanity project kicks off in Orlando


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Habitat for Humanity of Greater Orlando kicked off its Home Builder Blitz Monday morning at the new Butler's Preserve neighborhood.

    The goal of the Home Builder Blitz is to construct eight homes in the next five days, according to officials from Habitat for Humanity. Up to 100 profesional home builders will work on the houses in order to complete the construction on time.

    Tanya Rutland considers herself lucky as she will soon become a homeowner in Butler's Preserve.

    "I'm very grateful. Like I said, its been a long time coming. These people have dedicated their time, a lot of effort put into this," Rutland said.

    A Habitat for Humanity home typically takes about six months to build. But one of the homes that started with just a concrete slab Monday morning had windows and a roof by the afternoon.

    "We typically build with volunteers. We don't have volunteers out this week, we have folks dropping off water and snacks to support the builders, but it's all professionals this week," said Jennifer Gallagher of Habitat for Humanity.

    The home-building teams will work from sunrise to sunset each day. Eight families and individuals have been selected to move into the homes when they are completed.

    "These builders are serious. They have crews working through the night if possible," said Gallagher.

    Butler's Preserve is in the Washington Shores community. When it is complete, it will have 59 homes, according to officials.

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