• Casey Anthony's ex-attorney Baez talks to Channel 9


    ORLANDO, Fla. - For the first time since Casey Anthony was acquitted three years ago of murdering her daughter, Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez sat down for an interview with Channel 9.

    Baez defended the opening statement where he accused Anthony’s father, George Anthony, of sexually abusing Casey and said then that George was a part of a drowning cover-up.

    “There's more evidence that she drowned in the pool in my opinion than there is that chloroform or duct tape,” Baez told Channel 9’s Greg Warmoth.

    Baez, who recently opened a downtown Orlando office, said he doesn't speak with Casey Anthony.

    Baez denied that Anthony was doing legal research for him and said rumors of an affair with her weren’t worthy of a response.

    But he did say this.

    “So many people think she got away with murder,” Baez said. “I think not.”

    He did say he felt that Judge Belvin Perry talked down to him. 

    “If asked to give him a compliment, I would say that he gave us a fair jury,” Baez said.

    “You can't say a person got away with murder. Quite simply, the only people who were not biased said ‘no’,” Baez said.

    Baez said he was not surprised or shocked by the verdict, but also did not think they would win.

    And while he said he doesn't think or talk about Casey Anthony, he does think a lot about Caylee.

    We can't lose site of the fact that her life was cut way too short, Baez said.

    Channel 9’s Greg Warmoth talks to retiring Chief Judge Belvin Perry about the Anthony trial and Jose Baez for Sunday’s edition of Central Florida Spotlight.

    The entire Baez interview airs in the near future on Spotlight.

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