Changes could be coming for Disney season pass holders

A recent Disney survey asked pass holders if they would buy regular park admission during a two-month blackout period after the opening of new attractions, upgrade to a pass without blackout dates or wait out the two months.
"It can be very frustrating to have constant changes when you're not sure year to year if it's going to be worth it for your family," said season pass holder Mary Braud. "As much as I would hate it, I would probably wait."
That means that on top of the anticipation for upcoming attractions such as "Star Wars," "Toy Story" and "Avatar," pass holders would have to wait another 60 days.
"That would be very frustrating. It's almost like seeing a plate of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and saying, ‘No, you have to wait until they're cold to eat them,’" said Braud.
Channel 9's Lauren Seabrook asked Disney if visitors can expect to see a change soon.
"Disney frequently surveys our guests on possible changes, some that come to fruition and some that do not," officials said.
"I don't want to waste the money because I could use that for other entertainment options in Orlando," Braud said.
Other parks, such as Universal Orlando, have some blackout dates for most season pass holders, but not related to new attractions.
SeaWorld has no blackout dates.