Child hides in closet, calls 911 during home invasion before culprits crash car on 417

ORLANDO, Fla. — An 11-year-old girl hid in a closet and called 911, when three robbers broke into her Orange County home, authorities said.

Orange County Sheriff's spokeswoman Jane Watrel said it was just after 1 p.m. Tuesday on Baltimore Woods Lane in the Meadow Woods subdivision, when Ashley Bermudez saw an adult and two juveniles break into the home. She hid and called for help.

“I was just in the living room when I heard some constant knocking,” said Bermudez.

“They (the robbers) were trying to open my door, because I locked my door. I locked myself in my room,” Ashley said.

She said the robbers kicked down her door, saw her hiding in the closet and then took off.

Watrel said the suspects left in a stolen car, but a deputy spotted them and began following the car.

Investigators said the men drove about four miles on State Road 417 and hit a flatbed truck as they exited onto Boggy Creek Road. The SUV went off road and under the 417.

The three people in the car, one adult and two juveniles, were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Ramon Franklin, 18, was arrested at the scene. Antonio Cason, 14, and Audi Gonzalez, 16, were arrested after they attempted to flee on foot.

Authorities said they are investigating whether there is a fourth suspect, as reported by Bermudez. Officers said stolen property has been recovered from the vehicle.

The three suspects were arrested on burglary and grand theft charges.

The driver of the truck had minor injuries.

The girl was not harmed.

You can watch the interview with Ashley below: 

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