Children dodge large blob of melted marshmallows during Oviedo helicopter drop

OVIEDO, Fla. — Some parents have complained after dozens of children were almost hit by a large, heavy blob of melted marshmallows that was dropped from a helicopter onto the Oviedo Sports Complex.

The city of Oviedo said a group of 5- and 6-year-olds jumped the gun and ran onto a baseball field before the 4,000 to 5,000 marshmallows were dropped during the annual Easter tradition.

In previous years, the marshmallows broke apart in the air before hitting the ground, and children would run onto the field to collect them.

Parent Crystal Colon said she could hear a thud when the glob of marshmallows hit the ground. She described the scene as chaotic.

"It was (so) big that it had a bang sound," she said. "Everywhere, everybody was screaming and they were like, 'Oh my goodness, my kids, my kids.' Yeah, it was pretty crazy."

Assistant City Manager Patrick Kelly said there hadn't been previous issues in the 10 years that the event has been held.

"When they did drop, I guess there was some moisture or humidity (that) got in there, and it caused the marshmallows to stick together," he said. "We are regretful there could have been the possibility of the children being struck, but luckily no injuries were reported."

With an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 people in attendance, this year's marshmallow drop was the most attended, Kelly said.

"Staff will evaluate safety procedures and ensure that next year, the kids stay until the marshmallows are completely dropped," he said.