Crews working overtime to finish Volcano Bay at Universal Studios for opening

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Universal Studios is set to open its new water park, Volcano Bay, in nine days, but many theme park bloggers said that the park may not be fully ready for opening day on May 25.

Skywitness 9 flew over the park Tuesday morning as work crews bustled to finish several attractions.

Parts of a water slide were still laying on the ground next to one attraction. One worker was seen tearing up the floor of what appeared to be a lazy river attraction.

Universal responded to Channel 9’s questions about the park not being fully ready to open in a statement that said, "The vision for Volcano Bay is ambitious. We are creating an entire theme park unlike any other.  Our plan is to deliver a great experience for our guests on May 25 – and we feel great about doing so."

In an earlier email, a spokesperson said, “The entire park will be open on the 24th exclusively to media – rides, restaurants, everything.”

The work in progress has captured the attention of theme park bloggers, with some posting pictures online with captions like: “Seems like the flagship attraction won’t even be ready on time.”

“Given all the marketing money they put behind this already, and given just how huge the competition between Universal and Disney has been this year, I don’t see Universal possibly delaying that opening day, whatsoever,” said Orlando Informer blogger Marc Kleinhenz.

He said Universal has never done anything like Volcano Bay before, but believes things will be ironed out within the first couple weeks.

“I think there will be some hiccups. I think There may be some difficulties,” said Kleinhenz.

He said he believes it will still be worth the ticket price, comparing it to Diagon Alley.

“There (are) so many things to look at, it’s literally walking down the street of Diagon Alley. It is an attraction unto itself, even if some of the rides weren’t fully open,” said Kleinhenz. “The food by itself they are promising to be an attraction.”