• Fans complain about profanity heard in Orlando City Soccer game chants


    ORLANDO, Fla. - WFTV got complaints of fans going overboard at Orlando City Soccer games, so Ryan Hughes of Eyewitness News was sent to Tuesday night's game against the Colorado Rapids.

    Songs and chants by die-hard Orlando City Soccer fans have raised eyebrows for using crude language.

    WFTV had to censor part of the chants because they are not suitable for television.

    Sarah, a soccer fan who didn't want to give her last name, said the only section that gets really bad is behind the goal.

    "Other than that, it's good," Sarah said.

    Eyewitness News found a posting from a fan on a ticket website. She wrote several of the songs include regular use of crude language.

    "If you're planning on bringing a child to a game, don't sit in the end zone sections," the commenter wrote.

    "Yeah, I think it makes the fans look a little intense," Sarah said.

    Intense, but not bad in the eyes of those at Tuesday's game against the Colorado Rapids.

    "It's just part of it. Doesn't make a difference really," said soccer fan Juan.

    The team said it plans to have conversations with fan groups to maybe try to tone down the language.

    "As we continue to grow we'll continue that communication with them and we'll be happy to chat," said Chris Jones, Orlando City Soccer Club spokesman.

    It comes at a time when image is important to the team as it vies for Major League Soccer status.

    Owners met with Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs last week to help save plans for a soccer stadium in downtown.

    The team suffered a setback when it failed to get state money for a stadium.

    That didn't deter fans from their intensity which colorfully came through Tuesday night.

    "You suck ass-----," said one fan.

    The vulgar chants don't appear to have a negative impact on club ticket sales.

    The team broke its single-game attendance record twice this season and is on pace to set a regular season attendance record as well.

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    Fans complain about profanity heard in Orlando City Soccer game chants