• Daytona Beach woman investigated for voter fraud, prosecutors say

    By: Jeff Deal


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - State prosecutors believe a Daytona Beach woman registered to vote using a bogus name, so she could vote twice in last year's elections.

    Investigators told Channel 9’s Jeff Deal they believe Alba Fernandez used fake names in the presidential primary, the rest of the primaries and the general election.

    Fernandez denied facing election fraud when reached by telephone.

    The 74-year-old is accused of using the alias Bunny Kohn and "fraudulently applied for and obtained" a Florida voter registration in that name.

    Fernandez is accused on three different dates last year March 7, Aug. 1 and Oct. 10 -- of casting absentee ballots, then voting on the same dates using her real name, prosecutors said.

    The Volusia County Elections supervisor told Eyewitness News that the state attorney's office got a tip about the possible fraud and was told to pull the voting records to investigate.

    Fernandez first registered to vote under the name Kohn in 2000, but Eyewitness News doesn’t know if she attempted to vote under the name until last year.

    Prosecutors haven't said why she may have done it, but records showed she did confess.    





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