Deltona woman pays nearly $500 water bill with pennies

DELTONA, Fla. — A Deltona woman paid a nearly $500 water bill in pennies Monday afternoon.

Dana McCool posted a video on Facebook showing her dropping off the pennies to pay her latest water bill.

She said she did it to send a message that the water bills in Deltona are too high. She’s still dealing with backpay that she owed as well as fees, so she decided to pay her $493 water bill with pennies, she said.

She said the pennies were eventually taken in the back to be counted, which took more than two hours.

Officials with the city of Deltona have said if customers have concerns about high water bills, they can work with the city to check for leaks, which could be causing the problems.

Officials said customers should contact the city as soon as they identify a red flag in their bills.

McCool said she feels more needs to be done to help customers.

"I just wanted to make a statement. I want other people to come forward that has this bill. This is a far-reaching issue,” she said.

Watch: Dana McCool paying her water bill in pennies