Deputies: Man bashes 66-year-old man's head into side of SUV

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A 66-year-old tourist from South Carolina is recovering after Orange County deputies said a man bashed his head into the side of an SUV.

Deputies said the 21-year-old suspect attacked the victim, who has Parkinson’s disease, when the victim accidentally tried to get into the wrong vehicle in the parking lot of a grocery store on Lancaster Road.

Surveillance video captured the incident.

The suspect, Kevin Mena, sped out of the parking lot once the victim's family got involved.

The man's family was just parking spots away in a similar SUV, which is why the man got confused.

The suspect isn't allowed to come back to the shopping center because of what was caught on camera in those parking spots.

Mena faced a judge Monday morning, who found probable case for aggravated battery with permanent disfigurement.

Deputies said the surveillance video shows Mena smashing the man's head into the side of the vehicle.

Then after the victim's family hears his screams and runs to his side, Mena speeds off.

That one blow caused multiple broken teeth and possibly a fractured nose to the man.

Mena told deputies he thought the victim was trying to steal his vehicle.

He told deputies he took off, because the victim's family started surrounding him.

Deputies were able to track him down later and now he faces charges of aggravated battery with permanent disfigurement and battery on someone 65 years or older.

Mena was already on probation for a weapons charge out of Polk County.

Even if Mena does post his $3,600 bond, he'll still have to stay in jail five more days on a special hold.

The victim was taken out of Orlando Regional Medical Center on Sunday to have a CT scan and other testing to figure out the extent of his injuries.