• Deputies say Osceola County man stole aluminum cans from Boy Scout troop


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - An Osceola County man is facing charges after he was accused of ripping off a Boy Scout troop.

    Osceola County sheriff's deputies said Garrett Lanz stole hundreds of dollars' worth of aluminum cans that the boys recycle to raise money.

    The Scouts use trailers to collect the cans. Troop leaders said that often, when people pass by and see the sign, they are compelled to donate, but deputies said when one man saw all of the cans, the only thing on his mind was some quick cash.

    "It's rough. People just don't know what they're doing when they're stealing from kids," said Assistant Scout Master Isabell Alexander.

    The investigation into the missing cans began when members of Boy Scout Troop 240 noticed their can count coming up short. They contacted deputies.

    Investigators began watching a trailer on Neptune Road and one on Partin Settlement Road.

    They said they eventually caught Garrett Lanz in the act.

    According to deputies, Lanz confessed to swiping hundreds of dollars' worth of cans.

    "I don't have too many words for people like that," said Alexander.

    The Boy Scouts collect the aluminum, recycle it and use the money they make to help pay for activities and supplies. Troop leaders said without the money, many wouldn't be able to participate.

    "About half of the boys in our troop are from single-parent families, and it's difficult for a single mom to provide these extra fees and things," said Alexander.

    When word of the alleged stealing spread, some people just couldn't believe it.

    "He's taking things right out of kids' hands and it's just not right," said Osceola County resident Dave Carter.

    Investigators said charges have been filed with the state attorney's office and the troop hopes to get its money back.

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    Deputies say Osceola County man stole aluminum cans from Boy Scout troop