• Deputies: Teen glued to chair; Hands, feet duct-taped by men


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A brawl broke out after a 16-year-old boy had his hands, feet and mouth duct-taped, and then he was glued to a chair, said Volusia County authorities.

    Sheriff’s deputies said when they arrived at a home on Alcazar Street after receiving a call at 4:49 p.m. about a fight, they spoke with Kevin Wiseman, 18, who told them about the incident.

    Wiseman told deputies that he and two of his friends, Dustin Ardillo, 19, and Charles Westenhouser, 21, went to the victim’s house and asked him if he wanted to participate in a rap contest.

    Wiseman said at some point, he and his friends decided it would be fun to bind the 16-year-old victim with duct tape. While outside the house, the trio bound the victim’s hands and ankles in duct tape and also covered his mouth with tape, investigators said.

    According to deputies, the three men then put glue on a chair and sat the victim on it to see if he would stick to it. Wiseman claimed that the victim was laughing and going along with what was happening, deputies said.

     Another member of the trio also said it all was supposed to be a joke and that they wanted to make a funny video to post on the Internet.

    However, the unnamed victim told a different story and said it was all done against his will.

    He also said the three threatened to buzz-cut his hair and put him in a dresser. The victim said that when the men left to get hair clippers, the victim was able to hop into the house and start unbinding himself.

    Deputies said while the victim was freeing himself from the duct tape, Michael Delvecchio, 53, showed up at the house and became enraged by what had been done to the teen.

    At that point, Wiseman arrived and he and Delvecchio started fighting, investigators said. When Wiseman left, Delvecchio, who was armed with a 24-inch metal level, drove off looking for the three, deputies said. He found them on nearby Valencia Avenue, then got out of his car and started swinging the level, hitting Ardillo on the side of the head, deputies said.

    Wiseman then threw a flashlight at Delvecchio and hit him in the head, according to authorities.

    Deputies said as the fight continued, Delvecchio struck Wiseman with the level and also choked him, while the two were rolling around on the ground.

    Timothy Andershane said the heard a commotion next door to his Volusia County home and wanted to know who was causing it.

    "When I came out I seen an older gentleman on top of a younger gentleman and to me it looked like he was strangling the younger gentleman," said Andershane. "I said, 'It's not happening. You need to get up off of him."

    When it was all over, Wiseman had abrasions to his back, shoulder, elbow and face, and Delvecchio had a laceration to the side of his head.

    Deputies said when they arrived, the victim still had glue residue on his wrists, ankles and pants.

    Ardillo, Westenhouser and Wiseman were arrested on charges of kidnapping and child abuse and transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach.

    Deputies also filed a complaint affidavit with the State Attorney’s Office charging Delvecchio with aggravated battery.

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    Deputies: Teen glued to chair; Hands, feet duct-taped by men