Deputy forced to use Taser on teens to break up fight at Leesburg High School

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — School hasn’t been in session for long, but there’s already video of a brawl between two girls at Leesburg High School, where multiple fights were reported last school year.

In the latest fight, deputies wasted no time jumping in to break it up, and one had to use a Taser on one of the students involved.

Raw: Students fighting at Leesburg High School

The cellphone video shows the two students fighting on the track outside of the school, but school administrators and resource officers were close by.

“One of the deputies made it over to the fight, tried to break up the fight, gave several verbal commands to break up the fight,” said Fred Jones of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Another deputy also tried to stop the fight, but when the girls refused to stop, one of the deputies threatened to use the Taser.

The girls kept going, until the deputy shocked one of them with the Taser.

The other girl was also shocked.

Jones said the deputy followed policy when he used the Taser on the teenagers.

“That was the safest way to make sure these students are going to be safe,” said Jones.

When the fight was broken up, deputies said one of the bystanders threatened the deputy.

“Another guy came up, and this guy was 6-foot 2-inches, over 200 pounds, so it’s not like a little kid. He threatened the deputy and said, ‘I’m going to kill you,’” said Jones.

That bystander is facing felony charges for threatening a law enforcement officer.

Leesburg High School had its share of problems last year.

There were numerous fights and lunch was canceled one say because as many as 10 fights broke out at the same time.

Because of last year’s violence, the district added two new positions: a dean of discipline and a campus monitor.

The district said both have worked well this year, and this is the first fight of the year.

There are two school resource officers at the school and so far, officials said they don’t think they need to add anymore.

Both students were charged with breaching the peace and resisting arrest.

The fight was apparently over a boy.