• Sheriff: Man critically injured after shooting at Volusia County deputy

    By: Jason Kelly


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A 33-year-old man who shot at a Volusia County deputy near the DeLeon Springs neighborhood Monday afternoon was critically injured when another Volusia County deputy and a DeLand police officer shot at him, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said.

    Shortly before 3:15 p.m., the Lake County Sheriff's Office notified the Volusia County Sheriff's Office that Dillon Parker -- who was sought in a November shooting -- was traveling to DeLeon Springs in a gold car, Chitwood said.

    Chitwood said a Volusia County deputy had to swerve off the road to avoid Parker, who was traveling toward him head-on on U.S. Highway 17 near State Road 40. After forcing the deputy off the road, Parker continued driving southbound.

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    Stop sticks were deployed, causing Parker to crash into a ditch along U.S. Highway 17 near Golden Hills Boulevard. Parker exited the car and began shooting at Deputy Kevin Moss, who parked behind his car, Chitwood said.

    "In Deputy Moss' case, he gets tangled up in his seat belt. He can't get his gun out. He can't get out of the car," Chitwood said after releasing body camera video Tuesday. "You hear him say, 'I'm trapped in my seat belt. (I'm) trying to get out of my car.'"

    Deputy Wesley Blum pulled up parallel to Moss, and Parker shot at Blum, so Blum shot at Parker five times through his windshield as Parker ran away, Chitwood said.

    DeLand police Officer Tony Tagle, who noticed the commotion on his way to work, made a U-turn, exited his vehicle and shot at Parker at least three times with a rifle, Chitwood said.

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    Chitwood said Parker was struck in the chest and the leg and was flown to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach in critical condition. He is expected to survive.

    Investigators said it's unclear which law enforcement officer's bullets struck Parker, but Chitwood said it was likely Tagle's weapon.

    "The high-powered rifle (bullets) just went through (him)," he said. "Had it been a lower velocity (weapon), he probably would have been dead from where it hit (him.)"

    Parker's girlfriend was in the car with him, but she has not been charged with anything, Chitwood said.

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    Investigators said Parker shot a man in the back and the ankle Nov. 10 and that victim remains in critical condition. 

    Volusia County Jail

    Records said Parker has been arrested on felony charges 11 times, including for theft, burglary and robbery. He has been convicted seven times and been to prison three times, including a five-year stint, records said.

    No law enforcement officers were injured.

    "They’re going home tonight to their families. That's the most important thing," Chitwood said. "Both the DeLand police officer and the deputy probably had an angel on their shoulder."

    Tagle, Blum and Moss have been placed on paid administrative leave as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigates the shooting, which is a standard procedure.

    Watch bodycam video of the shootout below (WARNING: Graphic content):

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