• Disney to hire, train its own security personnel


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Disney’s launching another major security change at its Orlando parks nearly a month after metal detectors were put up at the front gates.

    Channel 9’s Jeff Deal found out Disney is hiring and training its own security personnel.

    Industry experts said the move shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Disney likes to control what’s going on inside the parks, even when it comes to security.

    “The trick is to provide enough security to make people feel safe, but not so much that they feel alarmed,” said theme park expert Dr. Rick Foglesong.

    He said the metal detectors were a big departure, especially for Walt Disney World, a company that prides itself on immersing guests into the experiences at the parks.

    Disney has been using a private firm, with security officers using black and bright yellow jackets for added security, but now Disney is beefing up its own security force, with plans to move to an all “in-house” operation.

    “It does not surprise me because Disney likes to bring things under control, and bringing security in-house gives them that control,” said Foglesong. “Probably, the security guards won’t wear bright yellow shirts.”

    Foglesong said it will give Disney control over background checks, who they hire and how they operate.

    Disney said it’s starting the transition with Animal Kingdom.

    Company officials have not said how many security officers it’s hiring. 

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