• Dog possibly used for fighting turned in to Halifax Humane Society


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Volusia County officials are investigating after they found an injured dog that may have been used for dog fighting.

    Holly Hill police said a good Samaritan found the dog wandering an intersection and brought him to the Halifax Humane Society last week.  

    Veterinarians there said the dog’s injuries are consistent with that of dogs used to fight each other.

    The nearly 2-year-old pit bull mix nearly didn’t make it.

    The dog had wounds over the entire front of his body that suggest he’s been used to fight multiple times.

    Some of the wounds and scars appear to be more than six months old, but other cuts and bruises were much fresher.

    “He couldn’t bear weight on one of his legs. He seemed to have injuries throughout his whole body,” said Miguel Abi-Hassan, the CEO of Halifax Humane Society.

    Abi-Hassan said the dog is improving and his injuries are healing.

    He added that the impact the potential abuse had on the dog mentally and behaviorally is unclear.

    “It’s very difficult for our staff to see a dog like this come in with a number of injuries, with a history of the violent toll it’s had on the body,” said Abi-Hassan.

    Humane Society workers said cases of dog fighting in Volusia County are rare. One worker said he hadn’t seen a case in six years.

    Officials with the Humane Society said they will continue to rehabilitate the dog, but whether he will ever be able to be adopted remains to be seen. 

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