• Double amputee's stolen truck, prosthetic arms found


    OCOEE, Fla. - Police are searching for thieves who stole more than just a truck from an Ocoee home early Tuesday morning.
    Chris Miller said when the thieves made off with his truck they took his prosthetic arms and parts he uses to repair them.
    On Thursday, Ocoee police said they recovered the truck and the prosthetic arms in Winter Garden on Ocoee Commerce Parkway.

    "I travel with a spare set at all times -- the prosthesis -- I also keep a bag full of parts and things I need to fix them," Miller said.

    Miller was happy to have his truck and prosthetic arms back, but said about $20,000 in spare parts was still missing.

    "The bag of parts was missing. I did find the spare set and there's a piece broken on those. Easy to fix but I need the bag to fix them," said Miller.

    Miller's prosthetic arms and spare parts were inside his black 2010 Chevy Silverado when it was taken. He said it all represents about $100,000 worth of needed equipment. Miller said he lost his arms in an electrical accident.
    "I have nothing left but the set I'm wearing, so if something breaks I'm in a bind. And these are my lifeline," said Miller.

    According to Ocoee police, the truck was stolen on Bunchberry Way, less than a mile from the State Road 429.  

    A neighbor's surveillance system captured much of what was happening around 4:30 a.m.
    Police said that a car across the street was stolen and then Miller's truck is seen speeding by in the surveillance video, as two people are seen running down the street at another camera angle.
    Then a van, believed to be the vehicle the thieves arrived in, passes by the surveillance camera.
    The thefts took place in a gated community.
    "I don't really care as much about the crime as I do what was in the vehicle," said Miller.
    Before the truck was found, Miller had a message for the thieves: "Drop the (prosthetics and parts) in a bag, throw them on a street," he said. "Bring them to me. I don't care."

    Miller said his truck was damaged by the thieves. Now he'd like to have the spare parts returned.

    "I'm still hopeful that they'll drive by and throw the bag on my lawn, so who knows?" he said.
    Police said they also located the second car that was stolen from Miller's neighborhood, but it was too damaged to drive.

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